The Drave Water Pipette & Carafe diptych balances advanced digital design, precision machined production, and avant-garde glassmaking, for the intimate whisky ritual. These are objects for the whisky alchemist in you, transforming your spirit through the slow, ritualized addition of water to whisky.

Pipette: Precision machined aluminum
Carafe: Non-leaded crystal
Pipette: 200 mm long, 10 mm square
Carafe: 155 mm high, 86 mm wide
Pipette: 38 g
Carafe: ~ 1kg
Pipette: Foam-lined gift box
Carafe: Foam-lined corrugated box with printed sleeve
Pipette: China
Carafe: Czech Republic
Sruli Recht

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Neil K.
Poor returns service & poor product descriptions

What I received was not as advertised and then I was shocked to learn of the terrible returns policy. The dark pictures did not make it clear the product was two tone not clear with a black background. Then you have to pay to return, get no response for weeks when chasing (still nothing after 2 weeks and no response to chasing), and threatened with a “re-stocking fee”. I have previously been very happy with a number of different glasses bought from Norlan in the past, but their approach to returns when a product is not as expected is more like a bargain discount store than a high priced luxury store. I will never use them again!


How much water should I add to my whisky?

How much you add is really up to you.
But to start, there are 20 drops of water in 1 ml.
The Drave Water Pipette is designed to be a 1 ml measure of water when taken from the submerged triangular facets.
A recommended pour in the Norlan Whisky Glass is 20 to 40 ml.
To dilute a dram by 10% in the Norlan Whisky Glass, take two drops from the pipette for a 20 ml pour or four drops for a 40 ml pour.